Yip Roc + Capti Rando

Yip Roc + Capti Rando

do 2 nov Volta's Local Playground Tijd : 20:30
Prijs: : € 5

Podium voor experiment en een broedplaats voor jonge bands. Elke editie verrassende optredens van een nieuwe lichting Amsterdams talent.

Bands: Yip Roc + Capti Rando
(DJ Razorblade Jr.)
Aanvang: 20:30,
Entree: € 5

Yip Roc:

Yip Roc takes you back to nostalgic alternative rock with a touch of garage, punk and 60’s/70’s vibes.

Though this might sound as an unwanted son-in-law, the music is always based on fine tunes and melodious lines. The fundamental key of the band is to not give an actual f*ck and just to play employed by the music. Now it might seem like a bunch of brats (which is actually kinda true), but the opposite proves a tight rhytm section, a genius keyboard playster and a well tuned singer/guitarist.

Yip Roc could be the child of the Arctic Monkeys and the Doors.

Capti Rando:
At first sight Capti Rando seems a bit floaty and full of fantasy. He always sets out to do something without limitation. This energy and creativity is pumped into his music which allows him to entertain his audience with liveshows (solo / band).