Volta’s Local Playground: Garden Mum + Pigtails on Fire

garden mum, pigtails on fire

do 27 sep Volta's Local Playground: Garden Mum + Pigtails on Fire Tijd : 20:30-00:00
Adres : Houtmankade 336
Postcode : 1013RR
Prijs: : 5 euro

Podium voor experiment en een broedplaats voor jonge bands.
Elke editie verrassende optredens van een nieuwe lichting
Amsterdams talent!

Garden Mum
A kimono wearing garage rock band with hard hitting drums, roaring bass and loud guitar solo’s, Garden Mum is sure to rock your socks off. Raw sounds and lots of energy help to create a 70’s punk feel with blues influences

CHECK: https://gardenmummusic.com/
LISTEN: https://gardenmum.bandcamp.com/releases

Pigtails On Fire
When drummer DR Jones was asked to join rebel romantix Rob and Manu in their doom surf outbursts, little did he know that they would venture on to explore more genres, genders, and hangover cures. The result is a delightfully 90s mess of raw rock power. Expect: darkness, but finding yourself holding hands with a stranger throughout.

LISTEN: https://pigtailsonfire.bandcamp.com/releases

Aanvang: 20:30
Entree: €5 (volledige deuropbrengst gaat naar de bands!)