Volta’s Local Playground

Bounds of Modesty + LIGHTS OUT

do 16 mrt Volta's Local Playground Tijd : 20:30
Prijs: : €5

Podium voor experiment en een broedplaats voor jonge bands.
Elke editie verrassende optredens van een nieuwe lichting
Amsterdams talent.
Bands: Bounds of Modesty + LIGHTS OUT
Aanvang: 20:30, Entree: € 5

Bounds Of Modesty
Bounds Of Modesty is a pop punk band from Amsterdam, best known for their feature film soundtrack ‘Dreamers’ and singles like ‘Concrete’ and ‘Homesick’.

”Lights Out” is a Punk-Rock formation from a small town in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, their music is everything except small!

Also known as the five musketeers, these friends are planning to take over the planet with their upcoming releases and tour’s. Inspired by the old Punk-Rock and Pop-Punk veterans such as: ”Green Day”, ”Blink-182” e.t.c, Lights Out manages to create a very big and modern sound, but with the old Punk vibe still intact.