Volta Metal Night XVIII

Shuulak, Remain Untamed & Cthulhu

vr 22 feb Volta Metal Night XVIII Tijd : 20:00
Adres : Houtmankade 336
Postcode : 1013 RR
Prijs: : 5

De Volta Metal Night met Shuulak, Remain Untamed & Cthulhu!

20:00 – Deur open
20:30 – Cthulhu
21:30 – Remain Untamed
22:30 – Shuulak

Entree 5,- (cash only)

SHUULAK is a Dutch Metal band whose otherworldly songs explore man’s obsession with things that would only destroy him. Unfettered by trends and uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence; their music stands as a testament to the undying power of heavy metal.
In 2017 the band releases an EP titled ‘Nigredo’, a concept signifying the first step in the alchemist’s Magnum opus. Its songs are a collection of tales telling of humanity’s desire for greatness inevitably ending in madness and depravity.
The end of 2018 sees the release of follow-up MCD ‘Albedo’.

Remain Untamed
REMAIN UNTAMED aims to please if you like your hardcore punk thrash metal the oldschool way. Inspired by bands like D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, S.O.D., Excel, Exodus or even Slayer, the music is fast, furious and mosh-able. Don’t be suprised if you hear some songs dating back to rich past of one of the bandmembers. Experience is plenty, new songs are being worked on as we speak and we expect nothing but a raging moshpit at the shows. It may cause you bruises, it may cause some pain but even at progressed age we will not be tame!

Thrash Metal from Lelystad, The Netherlands. Cthulhu comes with a variety of sounds, velocity, and loudness. Members of Damage Incorporated and Tarragona joined together to create this new thrash metal formation: Cthulhu…

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