Volta Metal Night XV

vr 26 okt Volta Metal Night XV Tijd : 22:00-03:00
Adres : Houtmankade 336
Postcode : 1013RR
Prijs: : 8 euro

Volta Metal Night XV met Dead End, Ill Trusted & Hallowed Fire

20:00 Deur open
20:30 Hallowed Fire
21:30 Ill Trusted
22:30 Dead End

Enree: €5,- (cash only)

Dead End

Our story begins at the end of the 80’s, when vocalist/bass player Micha, guitar players Jeroen and Eef and drummer Gunther decide to start a band, not just some band but they wanted to be different from the mainstream death metal bands, And then and there DEAD END was born.

After a long Break and different Line-up changes, Dead End is Back!

In the summer of 2016, the first Full-Lenght was released by Vic Records, with the most suitable title ‘REBORN FROM THE ANCIENT GRAVE “and was received outstanding! almost all reviews scored big time. With some new assets like a different vocalist it was a gamble how the old fans would respond to the change of voice that used to be a big part of Dead End’s sound, but even this was no problem, old fans and new fans united in their opinion that this still was all Dead End, evololved but didn’t lose any of the Dead End style, and that was what the band was aiming for..
With the release of ” The Mind’s Asylum ” Dead End shows they are back in place, as the founders of the Dutch Doomed Death sound and they will show you what’s it all about… stay Doomed.
check them out on their next tour…….. You Will Be Bleeding !…..

Ill Trusted
Ill Trusted is a Dutch metal band from Tilburg consisting of five guys whom bring a lot of enthousiasm with them. After only a few years they already show a lot of potential in the metal music industry. The audience craves for more after every show. “The picture is right, the feeling of the band radiates from the stage, hungry for more” states Rockportaal.nl

Influenced by American (Lamb of God, Chimaira) and European (Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth) metal bands they found a way to create a lot of diversity in their music, resulting in a lot of sore neckmussles the next day. The power of the band lies in the dynamic, yet sometimes chaotic drums which is perfectly tuned with the melodic yet fierce guitar riffs. A pumping bass and long schredding vocals define this band with a unique repertiore of songs which are melodic and groovy. They’re always giving the best in their live performance as well as the development of the band shows these guys have a lot of potential.

The first release ‘Conflict’ (2013) gave a good impression of what the band and their music is about, high tempo music with grunts. With the latest EP ‘Fractures of a Scattered Mind’ (March, 2015), recorded at Final Focus Studio (Textures & Exivious), the band shows that it has made the next step. They show groundbreaking improvement and with that you can expect that they will come a long way!

Keep an eye out for these guys!

Hallowed Fire
Hallowed Fire is a Thrash/Heavy Metal band from Amsterdam!

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