The Harvest

Hemony Tapes + Rock'n'Rolodex + Azure-Ashen

vr 1 nov The Harvest Tijd : 20:00 - 01:00
Adres : Houtmankade 336
Postcode : 1013 RR
Telefoon : 020 – 682 64 29
Contact E-mail :

Hemony Tapes
Hemony Tapes is a band from Amsterdam, and originally started in de Pijp, hemonylaan. Currently existing of Floris (bass), Bram (guitar), Mink (guitar) and Sam (drums). With different musical backgrounds and influences, they write songs that have unpredictable hooks, with thick riffs, ambient and psychedelic guitar sounds, epic choruses and interesting upbeat rythms.
Being together since 2018 and having performed at various small venues (cafe Diep, Brouwerij de Prael, Bakkerij Mama, Poppodium Volta, Hette Spoelstra festival, etc.) with own material, Hemony Tapes have established their own sound, which varies from punk to funk with some new wave sound. It’s undefinable, so come find it out!

It’s dex, it’s flex, nothing like sex, it’s Rolodex.
Een band die zich door allerlei stijlen laat inspireren en daar uiteindelijk met elkaar een sound weet uit te krijgen!
Dus kom geef het een ‘yolo’ time to get Rolo.

An Amsterdam based band that plays with high energy Rock ’n Roll tones interspersed with an absurdly raunchy new-wave grungeness. The band consists of a fluid yet solid rhythm section, Floris on the bass, Jolan on the drums and, an often unintelligible crooner, fondling his haywire geetar on top. They cause intense eardrum pain only to soothe it like a feather bed. They’ve been practicing since the beginning of 2019 and are generally known as Azure-Ashen.

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