Local Playground

Spore Mystics + Luka Schuurman

do 14 nov Local Playground Tijd : 20:30 - 00:00
Adres : Houtmankade 336
Postcode : 1013 RR
Telefoon : 020 – 682 64 29
Contact E-mail : volta@dock.nl
Prijs: : 5

Podium voor experiment en een broedplaats voor jonge bands.
Elke editie verrassende optredens van een nieuwe lichting Amsterdams talent!

Spore Mystics
Spore Mystics is a musical duo based in Amsterdam. Their sound is a mix of EDM/psytrance & contemporary experimental live music and combines composition with improvisation.

Using only drums, bass, vocals, loops & effects Spore Mystics create a fat groove that lays the foundation for vivid soundscapes and ecstatic improvisations.

Now, the time has come to share this music with you. Spore Mystics is ready to take on any, rave, club or festival in your neighborhood! Come see us live and you will be taken on a journey to where you have never been before!

Luka Schuurman
Luka Schuurman/Tijgerlelie Wijnhard/Elsa Lubbers/Nicolien Polichronakis (quartet)
…will perform a variety of works, including improvisations, compositions off Luka’s upcoming album “Buoyant Figures” (ambient, minimalist, film music), and musicalised poems written by Tijgerlelie.

Luka Schuurman – guitar, piano
Elsa Lubbers – trumpet
Nicolien Polichronakis – vocals
Tijgerlelie Wijnhard – poetry

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