Gothique Classique X

The Wounded

za 30 nov Gothique Classique X Tijd : 21:00-03:00
Prijs: : 15 (vvk enkel via link FB pagina)

For the 10th time we let darkness descent onto Amsterdam. For this extra special occasion, we have invited none other then the legendary Dutch goth rock formation The Wounded for a concert.

The Wounded embodies everything that Gothique Classique represents. Founded in 1998, The Wounded never has been a band that chose the easiest way to create their intense and emotional music. Since their debut ‘The Art of Grief’ they’ve developed into a group of honest musicians, only an instrument to express and share their feelings. Music from the heart which you cannot mark as a certain style. From new wave to post rock, from symphonic rock to gothic metal.
Through the years the band became known for their albums but even more because of their live shows which are always special happenings. The strength of their performances does not lay in a certain spectacular act, but in the way they express their music on stage.
With their newest album ‘In Silence’ they are touring all over Europe, so it is needless to say that we are honored to have them on stage at our humble abode.

On the dancefloor our dj’s B2B and G.Host will sweep you away with dark tunes from the 90’s to the mid 00’s (and also recent music from the bands from back then) and warm your heart with our absint fairies delight.

For the suffering of a mere 15 euros you’re welcome to join our celebration, enjoy a free welcoming drink and more special treats.

The dresscode as usual: gothic black.
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