Gothique Classique VI

Dj's B2B and Tristis

za 29 apr Gothique Classique VI
Prijs: : €8

The nights are getting shorter, so let our parties be darker! We celebrate the days of glory of our dark underground scene with the 6th edition of Gothique Classique. Within the walls of Volta, our loyal dj’s B2B and Tristis will bring us music from all imaginable subgenres of gothic music from the days of yore: 90’s and beginning 00’s and – because we don’t only dwell on the past – also the recent tunes from the bands from back then. Let our absint make your heart grow fonder while you indulge in the dark romantic: the aesthetics of Victorian age mourning culture, the pure black energy of gothic rock, from the neofolk romanticists past, to the dystopian industrial and EBM future. And all of that for the suffering of a mere 8 euro’s, and that even includes an appropriate free welcomedrink! As long as you stick to our usual dress-code: black.

Doors: 21:00, Entree: €8