De Grit showcase; Bias, Bug, Masuda, Club Dino’s & Wolfcoat

bias, bug, masuda, club dino's, wolfcoat

za 24 nov De Grit showcase; Bias, Bug, Masuda, Club Dino's & Wolfcoat Tijd : 20:00-02:00
Adres : Houtmankade 336
Prijs: : 5 euro
De Grit presents Masuda (rock trio), BIAS (post boogie), BUG (alternative rock), Wolfcoat (indie rock) and Club Dino’s (alternative rock) live in Volta, Amsterdam. De Grit is a network of independent bands and musicians from Amsterdam, founded in 2017 by band members of Bias, Masuda and Wolfcoat.

BIAS Post Boogie Rock du Belgica, has the likes of tyrans and molesters of Wallonia. Who record all those acts on double 8 film, for their own pleasure. This can be heard on the EP ‘Serving the Double 8′. The music of BIAS is full on. It sweeps, pushes and drags and it’s in your face. The band is known for getting under your skin. Founded in Amsterdam mids 2016 it combines human mental dirt in Belgian off set music like Millionaire, Evil Superstars, Flying Horsemen,and Mintzkov.

Marc // lead vocals, guitar
Steven // guitar, vocals
Manuel // bass, vocals
Jan // drums, vocals

BUG is an Amsterdam based rock band formed in the beginning of 2016. Following the tradition of bands like Husker Dü and Nirvana, their style can be described as a mix of raunchy punk-rock and straightforward melodic pop.

Vincent de Bel // vocals, guitar
Martijn Klippel // bass
Klaas Dijkstra // drums

Masuda is a rock trio from Amsterdam formed in January 2017. The band’s sound incorporates a wide range of rock genres, including indie, grunge, post-rock and also psychedelic rock, garage rock and surf rock. Masuda’s music is influenced by Ty Segall, Mogwai and Metz. The band is well-known for its energetic, raw and dynamic live shows.

Joris Bod // vocals, guitar
Teun Eikenaar // drums
Benny van der Plank // bass

This rockband was formed in and named after the infamous Dino’s Afterhours Club – ‘the Nr 1 afterhours club’ – in the derelict Amsterdam Docks in 2014, with only one intention in mind: loud guitars. These handsome gentlemen’s performances are quite diverse, sometimes referred to as a ‘rollercoaster of emotions’. Some songs are dripping with melancholy and heart break where on the other end of the spectrum sometimes a lost hint of awkward joy can be discovered. They are inspired by anything and nothing at all and when creating their music they have no specific genre in mind. Their music is like spontaneous combustion. It will move you and make you want to dance. However, when one does want to lable it, alternative rock is the first thing that comes to mind, quickly followed by hints of stoner and grunge.

Guus de Hoog // guitar, vocals
Lex Joosten // guitar, vocals
Edgar Talboo // bass guitar
Pieter Duijndam // drums

Wolfcoat lurks around in the wasteland on the edge of Amsterdam. Just where The Band, Pixies, Wilco, Bright Eyes, and Pink Floyd might have met at one point in time. Wolfcoat serves organic indie-rock with a hint of folk, punk and psychedelica. Yet always sounding like it’s made by real people. Wolfcoat is founded in 2009, adding personnel as it progressed, along with their joyful instruments. And they even sing while playing! With many years of musical experience under their belts, these interesting musicians cascade their diverse backgrounds. Wolfcoat is fuelled by the need for creative, natural sounding music, combined with pleasure and spontaneity.

Danny Mol // lead vocals, guitar
Arjan Post // guitar, vocals
Thom Kouwenhoven // bass, keys
Johan Stuijt // drums, vocals